I miss my preggo bump. A line I’ve heard many moms say time and time again. I’m sure this statement sounds strange to dad’s or women without kids but you just don’t understand. The bump becomes… a part of you. It’s a conversation starter in public, the perfect accessory for pictures and it gives you access to nice perks like always being first in line in the restroom. If your a woman, you understand how important this is. It’s like I miss all things belly. Well almost all things.

What I don’t miss are those worrisome thoughts! It’s inevitable. It’s almost like the second you become pregnant your brain says “Oh yay!” followed by “OMG. Let’s worry about EVERYTHING that could go wrong”. 

So here are my 5 “favorite fears” you forget about after you have the baby:
  1. Healthy. This is number one because well, it’s the first and most reoccurring thought we all have. We pray and pray, cross our fingers and pray some more that at each doctors visit we get just good news and no signs of bad health for baby or ourselves. This isn’t necessarily a fear that goes away, but I’d say your too busy enjoying baby to think about it as much. 
  2. Cuteness. Okay maybe this ones just me? But let me tell you I prayed that my child would be cute just as much as I prayed he was healthy. “Healthy and handsome”, an amazing combination. I know I know, so vain. But let’s all be honest here, it’s so much easier to deal with a screaming baby at 3 am when he’s amazingly cute! 

  3. Not being a good mom. Another classic. Regardless if you have babysat since you were 12, took a birthing class or even if you have had kids before! Every mom has concerns over being a good mom to their current unborn child. Piece of advice I received that helped me was, “your worried about being a good mom, that’s how you know your already a good mom”. Best advice ever. 
  4. Lack of sleep. This is a fear put on us preggo mamas by every other current mama out there. They scare you with the “it’s all great until it’s 3am and they’re up”. But guess what? This ones not a fear, it’s a reality. It’s easier to just accept it ahead of time and then move on.
  5. Labor. This ones last because though it starts from the beginning of pregnancy, it’s last. This is literally THE LAST fear you will have when your pregnant. Because right after you get to pushing that baby out, your no longer pregnant so no more fears.  We won’t get into the start of the baby fears. Labor is labor. It hurts, sometimes it’s long, sometimes it’s messy but in the end… it’s all worth it. I know people say it all the time, but it’s really the God honest truth. 

These are just my favorites. What’s some other fears you had during pregnancy? 

See ya!
Aysia B.