Happy Friday from here in Ohio.  Its been such a gloomy week and definitely makes staying in the bed a lot easier.  But with some brightening news: WE HAVE OFFICIALLY ENTERED OUR THIRD TRIMESTER!  I mean honestly, what. the heck.  I feel like we just found out yesterday and now we’re already nearing our ending days.  I hate to be that person but I’ve had such a great pregnancy that is it a little weird to say I’m going to miss this bump?  Don’t worry I’m sure that will change the closer we get to the end of this thing.

As the second trimester comes to a close I find myself thinking back on how fast it went but of course not without it’s own struggles.  I mean the back aches, inability to sleep on my stomach and more. It definitely was not ALL a walk in the park.  To get through this second trimester there were definitely some staples I just could not live without.  Here are 5 of my second trimester favorites:
  1. Pregnancy pillow.  Yes, every woman’s favorite.  I didn’t start using mine faithfully until recently and boy let me tell you it is a game changer.  I haven’t been able to sleep on my stomach for quite some weeks now, but lately the ability to fall asleep once waking up to pee has been beyond difficult.  I just wrap all of my body around this pillow and within minutes I’m sleep.  I mean honestly without this pillow I’m quite sure I would be a walking zombie. 
  2. Palmers lotion.  Once your belly starts to stretch every woman hears the same spiel:  “Make sure you stay moisturized”, “You don’t want those stretch marks”, etc.  But one thing people forget to tell you is how bad your belly itches with that growth.  I mean yes obviously no one wants stretch marks but honestly once the itching starts to heck with the marks and get me some relief for this itch! Palmers lotion for stretch marks was something I was introduced to when I first started getting tattoos.  The artists explained to me it worked best on healing scars.  I figured why not use the same for the bump and boy does it work.  Instant itching relief as soon as applied and I have not had a single stretch mark yet this journey. 

  3. Back support.  Now I know I’ve said this pregnancy has been a breeze and compared to other horror stories I’ve heard, it has been.  But about 1 month ago the back pain started in full force and has not let up since.  Walking, sitting, standing- constant pain 24/7.  I went into Babies R’ Us to start my registry and my friend pointed out the section for back support.  I literally put the brace on in the store before even purchasing.  One day in it and I could already feel the difference.  Now I wear it non stop.  Shopping, grocery stores, etc you name it.  My back support has become my best friend.  

  4. Prenatal massages.  Let me start off by saying I am convinced Angie is short for Angel.  I have been seeing Angie at Synergy once a month for about 2 months now and she is just amazing.  Not only is her hands gifts from God she is so knowledgeable about what she does and why.  If you can afford the massages as well as add the time into your schedule it is so worth it! I mean it gives me about a good week of relief from back pain, pelvic aches, etc.
  5. Walks.  For about a week I just can’t get comfortable.  I wake up and eat breakfast just like I’ve done for the last 24 years of my life,  but now after eating it feels like theres a bowling ball in my stomach attempting to come up my chest.  I try sitting straight up, drinking water, etc, etc.  I get no relief.  The only relief I feel is after I take Gunner on a walk.  That 30 minutes around the neighborhood seems to settle everything back in place (if even for a short while sometimes).  And hey a plus is my 30 minutes of exercise for the day is done!

There are so many hacks and tips that each momma to be out there can give.  In this business the more the merrier can only help this process.  As I creep into this third trimester and try not to freak out at the fact that we have less than 100 days until baby bean is here, I am open to any third trimester tips that any of you out there have for me!

See ya!

Aysia B.