We all know those days. Every child in the household has cried at least twice. Mommas cried at least once. The dishes have piled up and the kids are lucky if they get one wholesome meal today. 

It’s a bad mama day. 

You’re at your whits end and you’re not even sure what to do. 

It’s time to reset and restart the day. 

Just like any other bad day you want it to end so a new one can take it’s place; the fact is you can do that! But it has to intentional. You have to intentionally require yourself to forget all that has happened prior to that moment. 

And here’s how you do that: 

You set the standards to be different. 

Just like a teacher is in control of the feel of their classroom, you are in control of the feel of that household. Let your little one know you understand it has been a rough day for both of you but at that moment you both are going to restart and try to finish the day better. 

Tell them ways that you plan to do things differently for the rest of the day then ask them how they plan to exhibit the change. 

As always, children learn by example first. So show them how you’re trying really hard to make the day different too! If you’ve been yelling a lot, try not yelling but talking instead. If you’ve been giving lots of time outs try different methods of discipline instead, such as redirecting or attention. 

As a nurse one of the things I hear from parents in the emergency room the most is: “yea I just couldn’t take it anymore. It’s been a rough day”. Now yes- there’s is slightly different because they are dealing with an illness. But the principle is the same. They just kept doing the same thing until they couldn’t handle it anymore. 

Today, try finding a different solution before getting to that breaking point. 

Here’s 3 tips to restarting a bad day:

1. Talking with your child.  As I said, let’s all be intentional about changing this day.  The middle of the day right after nap time is usually the perfect time for me to have this talk this since I’ve had a little break and tend to feel semi recharged. Another great time to try to talk is during lunch time.  For me, Tate is sitting in his high chair and he’s finally contained.  That’s my usual “talk time”.  He can’t run away and he’s intently focused on me since I have his most prized possession in hand: food.  I usually spend this time going over ABC’S or other things, but if it has been a rough day, this is my reset period for both of us. 

2. Change of scenery.  Get outside, go for a drive, etc.  Changing the scenery can create a better mood for everyone involved.  Plus “a little fresh air never hurt nobody”!

3.  Take a small escape.  Maybe your kid’s being their usual self but today it’s a little harder to deal.  Well give yourself a small break.  A longer bathroom break or a steamy shower. Your reset button doesn’t always have to include the kids, sometimes it can be just an extra 5 minutes that you take alone!

No matter how hard or difficult the day is, it can always be restarted. Remember in mamahood the days are long but the years are short. 

Want to take it a step further? Download my 2 page printable of 10 affirmations to help restart a rough mama day! 

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.