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3 Quick Steps to Prioritize Yourself: Especially in the Midst of Change


Mama let me tell you, I have missed you so very much! I know you have seen that meme where it says “February is the official 2021 start”, and to be honest, that was truly my mindset and then, I had to do what I always tell you; prioritize yourself.

For the entire month of January (and really all of November and December too) I have been so wrapped up in the home buying process that I literally had to force myself to remove things off my plate for my own well being.

P.s. you can check out a peek of my home HERE!

But trust me, that was NOT an easy decision.

prioritize yourself mama

I felt like I was abandoning you as a reader/ supporter of me and this blog.

I felt like I was falling short not being able to juggle everything that was on my plate.  I mean after all life continues to happen right.

But most of all, I felt like I was letting myself down for “taking the easy way out”.

As I continued the removing process I felt better and better and realized quite the opposite was happening.

Instead of letting myself down, for the first time in a long time I was actually prioritizing myself in the best way I knew how.

Listening to my body, mind and soul and nurturing it with what it really needed.

Following my mind’s desire for the need for rest.

Challenging myself to truly take my self care seriously.

prioritize yourself

Oftentimes during change instead of realizing we are also experiencing physical and mental effects, we try to keep pushing forward “business as usual” with the mindset “once this is over I will return to normal”.

But this process was unlike anything I had ever experienced before and honestly, I knew I would not return back to normal once it was over if I just kept pushing along.

Instead I prioritized myself and you can prioritize yourself too:

  1. Pause.  Yes everything around you may be rushing and spinning out of control but it doesn’t mean you have to.  Find things that force you to take a second and lean into it.  For me, it was these stones with the words “PEACE” and “BREATHE” on it that I got from work during the pandemic.  Whenever I would get in the car was the time I felt the most anxious.  I guess because I was driving and thinking?  Either way I kept those stones right there in my glove compartment so when I felt myself getting out of control I would grab one and press my hands into it reminding myself of the words.  BREATHE.
  2. Acknowledge.  Again that “business as usual” mindset tends not to work in times of stress.  No matter how many times you tell yourself you are okay you aren’t, and that’s okay.  Like everything else in life, acknowledging it is part one.  So don’t pretend, don’t “fake it til you make it” and definitely don’t ignore it.  Acknowledge it because then it’s time to move.
  3. Act.  Once you realize that you’re not okay it’s time to actually handle the problem.  Meditation, yoga, walks, quote stones, whatever you have to use to find something and make it stick. Once I was aware of the moments I felt the stress I was able to pull myself out of it in the moment.  This was an absolute game changer to prioritizing me.  I felt really in tune with my body and for once felt like I knew how to help it.  Find your triggers and then be prepared with an activity to act.

As moms it can be hard. Usually high stress moments for you are also high stress moments for your children.  A melt down, potty training, bed time, meal time (trust me, I could have continued this list).  In these moments it feels icky to prioritize yourself,  but again, you can’t pour from an empty cup.  You and your stress matter.

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.

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