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How many times have you put your little one to bed, sat and thought about what you can do for yourself in those next few hours? Trust me mama, you are not alone. For the longest time when my baby boy was asleep I spent countless hours up doing things like laundry, sweeping, mopping, dishes and before I knew it he was up in 2 hours for his feeding session. After he’s done his feed it’s time for me to turn in for the night and before I realize it I haven’t done anything for myself at all! I quickly decided that was not going to work. I had to get a routine.  

For me, my night time routine is one of my absolute favorites! I make sure I get enough skin care, tv time and sleep time. 

Here’s my top tips for creating the perfect nighttime routine as a mama:

Planning. Before the night comes plan out what you want to accomplish that night. Maybe tonight it’s catching up on your favorite shows. Maybe it’s skin care. Or maybe it’s my favorite; sleep! ZzzQuil Pure Zzz’s beauty sleep and ZzzQuil Pure Zzz’s melatonin liquid set me off on the perfect start to getting a great nights sleep. ZzzQuil Melatonin great tasting liquid’s unique botanical blend of chamomile, lavender, valerian root and lemon balm in addition to melatonin ingredients help me fall asleep naturally. My ZzzQuil Melatonin gummies which are infused with Melatonin+Ginger and Grapeseed flavored with White Grape Raspberry, abstract help me wake feeling radiant and refreshed! Whatever it is that’s on your list, make note of it and as soon as baby falls asleep, tackle that list!

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Prepare. Prepare for the task obviously but prepare for interruptions mostly! As of all us mamas know babies are completely unpredictable. And just because your personal time gets slightly interrupted does not mean you part ways with the whole routine! Instead, you plan for it. If you know your baby is not a through the night sleeper (hands raised high “in the air air” over here) then plan for them to wake up. Set a point in your routine that you know is a good stopping point and choose not to stop before that unless absolutely necessary. For me, this point is right after my moisturizer is applied to my face and I am about to pop one of my ZzzQuil pure Zzz’s Melatonin Gummies. I know the secret to beauty is a beautiful nights rest and I want nothing to come in the way of that.  So I plan to take a moment and check on Tate right before taking one of the non habit forming gummies to ensure nothing interrupts me and my beauty sleep. 

Prioritize. If you follow me on my social channels then you know one of my favorite things to discuss is intentional self care. As mamas it’s one thing to know you need self care and it’s another to say “nope this is happening, THIS is what I am doing”.  And that is how committed I want you to be to making your nighttime routine a thing for you. Prioritize your routine above the laundry, the moping and sweeping. Yes, that can be done as well but not done INSTEAD . Remember mamas, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

If it’s one thing I hold near and dear to me it’s my time. As a mother I sacrifice so much that the least I can do is carve out an hour of a 24-hour day and devote it to myself. Sleeping is my personal self care activity but what can it be for you? Maybe it’s a late night workout, binge watching tv with ice cream or maybe even a simple cuddle and read session with the hubby.  Whatever it may be make it a priority and stick to it. I know when it’s time for me to get my time in, ZzzQuil’s Pure products help calm my mind and and body giving me a much more restful sleep. That is 100% for me.  

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Take care of you too mama,
Aysia B. 

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