Since it is Briean’s last game I found it fitting to keep the number 29 around one more time.  Getting to the gym to work out is never easy. As working people living in America there are plenty of excuses to be used. Whenever I find myself having a hard time getting to the actual workout I look on Pinterest for motivation. This time it was a 29 post all about motivation (find the link here). Here’s my favorites in order below:

#21: This is my all time favorite. I compete with any and everyone I encounter on the run or in the gym. Whether that’s more weight on the bar when I squat or running past. My favorite path is across the bridge. It is an extremely long bridge for a beginner. (By that I mean I can’t stand on one side and see the other, that equals long to me!) To get me across this bridge I race EVERY JOGGER! I pick a competitor, “girl in pink shorts don’t let her pass you”. Once she’s too far behind I pick another. My hope is that I’m pushing them to “race” me as well. I keep this going all the way until I get past that bridge. It has helped me immensely! (btw yes I’m still on the tail end of my #bootlife experience so no jogging for a bit while longer!) I know I am not really competing with them but more so myself. This just helps me out mentally.
#9: Whenever I feel like quitting or giving up because of soreness I imagine Briean and how no matter how tired he is he can’t stop. He has fans, coaches and teammates that depend on him to keep going. So I imagine him and because I’m a competitor I say he doesn’t stop well cool neither will I! (Except for the occasional water break of course) I also imagine him being my audience. I say if Briean was here right now he’d be teasing me for stopping and then I keep going. Just like my workout today.

#11: When jogging I always say to myself alright just across the bridge & back down.  Well by the time I’m back down, I mind as well jog back to the apartment and then shoot why not around the block to the back of the apartment. It’s always about going one step further. Like a lesson I always hear from Briean that his father instilled in him young; always go one more lap it makes you better than your opponent.