“Kids, I’ll be back. Mama is going out to treat herself”.

Add that to the list of things moms never say.

I mean honestly, how many times have you said anything remotely close to this to your family?

Probably never.

And the truth of the matter is, reading that first statement your initial thought was maybe:

“What? Where’s she going? Who’s watching the kids? What will they do”?

And to be honest, those are all real thoughts.

But it goes to show the way our minds are wired.

Kids first, us second.

mothering the mama uncommon self care 1

Now I know so many people who would say well duh when you’re a mom, your life just kind of doesn’t belong to you anymore.

But I’m going to go against those people and say:


Your life DOES belong to you.


Yes, you have to make sure the kids are safe.

Yes they need to be taken care of.

But honestly mama, so do you.

You need to be taken care of.

mothering the mama uncommon self care 2

This past weekend we escaped our normal routine and headed down to the beach with some family.  If you know me, then anytime a beach is involved that’s usually my favorite part of the trip.

But this time, it was something different.

I picked up my phone maybe 4 times total the entire 3 days and it was absolutely magical.

No constant email checks, no twitter or Instagram updates, no group texts- nothing.

As someone else said this weekend: “I was present where my feet were”, and it was exactly what I didn’t know I needed.

Oftentimes when we think of caring for yourselves, we see longer showers and face masks.

And the truth is, that matters too, but so do the little things like putting down your phone and being present.

We have come accustomed to not appreciating these minor moments to ourselves because we don’t think of these times as “self care”.

But the truth is, self care is anything you want it to be, you just have to do it on account of taking time for you.

Here’s 15 uncommon (and some common) ways I take time out for myself daily:

  1. Sleeping in late
  2. Taking a day away from my phone
  3. Watching a movie cuddling with my kid
  4. Cleaning out my car
  5. Washing my makeup brushes
  6. Walking the dog
  7. Baking cookies
  8. Sitting 1 extra min outside in the car
  9. Blasting music while in the car alone
  10. Researching trips I want to take on my own
  11. Journaling/ writing
  12. Saying affirmations in the mirror
  13. Doing absolutely nothing while watching my son play
  14. Laying on the made bed thinking
  15. Sitting on the toilet an extra 2 min scrolling social media

mothering the mama uncommon self care 3

Remembering that the activity does not matter is one of the hardest parts of self care. We sometimes get so hung up on what we’re going to do we end up doing nothing.

So here’s your challenge this week mama, remember the daily little things you used to enjoy before you became a mom and enjoy them this week.

Take note of the emotional shift you feel and keep the streak going!

What’s the first thing on your list you’re going to try?

Take care if you too mama,

Aysia B.