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15 Activities for an EPIC Summer Bucket List for Mom

This Friday is the first official day of summer and though it felt like it took forever to get here, I think we all can agree summer will be looking a little different this year.

A list that usually would include lots of trips, spa resorts and airplane tips is now being condensed to what some would call “average” summer vacation vibes.

But hey, sometimes the simplicity in things allows it to be even more meaningful. 

Last summer I spent plenty of time out of the state and even out of the country. It actually feels a little weird to have NO trips planned.  Me and my friends are avid vacationers.  But that’s even more reason why this list has to be absolutely epic.

In the summer with all the warm weather and fresh air it’s imperative to me I spend a lot of time outdoors, or at least out of my house.  I mean we spend more than enough time there in the winter we mind as well get outside and get moving.

The everyday civilian in me is just hoping the states open up before Summer truly gets going in like July, but the nurse in me is thinking this may not be the actual case.

Nonetheless, we are going to keep hope alive and include some societal activities in this list too.

Without further ado, here is my 10 epic summer activity list for the everyday mama and/ or some of her closest friends:

  1. Solo picnic in the backyard- Backyard is the top spot for summer fun. 
  2. Boating 
  3. Lake cookout
  4. Cabin trip
  5. Road trip to local beaches
  6. Wine tasting
  7. Baseball game
  8. Laying out in the backyard with wine
  9. Solo car rides with the windows down and the music blasting
  10. Backyard night cookout (picture with the perfect hanging lights and all)
  11. Face mask in the sun (ps did you know you could enjoy a face mask while also protecting your skin from the UV rays of the sun! A banana mask works perfect for this.  This does not replace sunscreen)
  12. Playing an adult softball game
  13. Pool day
  14. Swinging at the playground (don’t you miss the swings from when you were a little kid!)
  15. Nap outdoors

As mentioned before, some of the things on this list may seem a little trivial.  Afterall, some of them are things you do every summer regardless. But, unprecedented times call for unprecedented summer measures.

Summers are definitely meant for kids but it doesn’t mean us mamas can’t enjoy some of the fun too!  These activities are the perfect way to get your self care on this summer.  So mama, grab your girls for the perfect summer night activity or bask in your alone time. Whichever you prefer, just make sure to leave some of the days to do what you want to do too.

Have a plan to do some of these on the list or have your own ideas not on here?  I’d love to know below!  Help another mama out!

Take care of you too mama,

Aysia B.

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