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10 Top Simple Gifts You Can Give Another Mama for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and trust me, there’s a mama in your life that could use some loving on.  Today I’m going to tell you some of my top gifts you can give another mama.

Now I’m sure you thought I was talking about you in that first sentence, and yes mama, you are also the mama who needs some loving on, but we covered all the ways you could show yourself love this valentine’s day in this post here.  Today, let’s branch it out a little further.

Valentine’s day has been one of those holidays that has been advertised as one strictly for lovers.

You know we’ve all seen it.

The proposals, the elaborate gifts, the love- and more.

But the reality is, after having Tate I have spent a lot more time prioritizing myself during the month of February.

Buying myself flowers, chocolate, gifts, being really intentional with my time and the way I spend it on myself, facials, beauty appointments and more.

February isn’t only a month for me to share love with another person but also for me to share love to myself.

After doing this for so many years I thought to myself, if I feel this way I know other mamas must feel it too.

The desire to just be loved on extra hard this month.

I mean let’s think about it, all moms want to feel the break, have good skin care and buy themselves nice things.  So if given the opportunity, why not grab some gifts you can give another mama.

And since I am all about self care for the masses, I have created the perfect list to help with some ideas!

Here are 10 top gifts you can give another mama:

  1. Target gift card (ya’ll knew this would be number one though)
  2. Massage gift card
  3. Offer to watch her kids for a date night or night out on her own
  4. Come over and watch the baby/ child so she can nap
  5. Bring her a weeks worth of meal prep
  6. Take her out for a drive without the kids
  7. Set up a nail date, and pay!
  8. Have her favorite meal or coffee order delivered to her house
  9. Send her fresh flowers
  10. Set up a maid service to her house (one time if you’re nice, multiple if you’re feeling real nice).

As a mom, sometimes it can get very lonely.  And getting gifts for any reason but especially during love month can really help remind a mama just how much she’s loved.

Take care of you (and your mama friend) too,

Aysia B.

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