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Hey there, I’m Aysia

I am so happy to have you here at my little corner of the web.  Like most mothers my whole word changed when I became a mom.  From what I ate, to what I wore to how I spent my time.  I realized in order to truly enjoy and succeed in motherhood I not only had to learn my new role but also remind myself that I as a person, still mattered.

You’re more than just their mama

You deserve time to take care of the woman inside you too.

4 months after my son was born and I finally felt myself drifting out of the newborn fog, I realized I had been there entirely too long.  I had let go of my own wants, needs and care in the midst of taking care of him and his.  I then realized in order to best take care of him I had to first take care of me.

I had to prioritize my own self care.

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You can’t pour from an empty up.

Though we all try to.


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Being the best mom we can be is important to all of us.  And with the right tools in place we all can be just that.  Here at Mothering the Mama I want to support you so you can continue to fill up your cup, along with everyone else’s.

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